21 web app ideas for beginners

21 Web App Ideas for Beginner Projects

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So you’ve started learning how to build web apps, but you have no idea what to make for your next project.

We’ve all been in your position and it’s annoying to say the least.

So if you’re scratching your head trying to think of an idea – don’t panic – because we’ve lined up 21 great web app ideas for you to try.

Updated List: 61 Web App Ideas for Beginner Projects

We’ve now updated our list to include over 60 web app ideas, and we’ll be updating the list every few weeks to add even more!

We’ll also be working our way through the list write tutorials on how to build each one.

Beginner Projects

1 – To Do List
Build a simple todo list application that keeps track of your day to day tasks.
You could try adding further features like email reminders and user accounts

2 – URL Shortener
URL shorteners are all the rage, and they’re really easy to build as well!
Build a simple URL shortener that people can use the slim down their long URLs.
You could add further features like user accounts and link usage statistics.

3 – Blog
No project list would be complete without the humble blog.
Build a simple blog application that lets you add blog posts and images.
You extend this further by adding media management, theme support and SEO features.

4 – Image Hosting
Build your own imgur clone that lets you upload and image and share it’s URL.
For further features you could add user accounts, statistics and an embed code.

5 – Poll/Survey App
Build a simple site that lets users create their own polls/surveys, share them via a URL and let them view the results through an admin panel.
You can extend this further by creating embedable surveys for use on websites.

6 – Recipe Site
Build a simple site that lets user upload and share food recipes.
You can build on this further by adding your own search engine and features to subscribe to a users latest recipes.

7 – Password Generator
Most people find it hard to think of (and importantly remember) a strong password, so why not make it easier?
Build a website that randomly generates secure passwords and makes it easy to remember.

8 – Podcast Sharing
Similar to the image sharing site, why not build a web app that lets you easily share podcasts?
You can extend on this by offering podcast downloads, stream the podcast and by showing listener statistics.

9 – Calculator
Use AngularJS to build a simple real time calculator app in the browser.

10 – Build a Chrome Extension
They’re super easy to build and can offer a lot of flexibility.

11 – Pastebin Clone
Build a simple web app that lets users upload code and share it through an unique URL.
You could add further features like restricting public/private visibility.

12 – Land Page Generator
Build a web app that lets new startups and small businesses easily setup a landing page or coming soon page.

13 – Cat vs Cat
Everyone loves cat video right?
Build a website that presents the user with 2 cat videos and lets them vote on which of the two they think is best.
The cat with the most votes wins.

14 – Local Coupons/Offers
Build a site that lets people and local business share offers that are going on at local shops.
You could take this to the next level by suggesting offers based on location data.

15 – Color Clock
Looking for a beginner javascript project? Why not build our colour clock?
A simple colour changing clock for those just beginning with javascript.

16 – Build a Flask App
Flask is a great python powered framework for quickly building web apps.

Intermediate/Advanced Projects

16 – RSS Reader
For a slightly more advanced project why not build an RSS reader?
You’ll need to build a web crawler to grab recent posts from a feed and add them to your database.
A great project if you want to start messing about with the command line interface.

17 – Mailing List System
Running a mailing list can be tiresome and full of unforeseen difficulties.
Why not make a web app that lets you import a list of email addresses and send out emails to that list?

18 – Twitter Clone
Build your own social network!
You’ll need to @ reply other users and push updates in near real time.

19 – Fitness Tracker
Build a simple app that lets you keep track of your exercise routine.
Expand this further by offering Google Maps integration and sharing achievements to Facebook.

20 – Social Login System
Get stuck in with Google, Facebook and Twitter’s APIs.
Build a system that lets users login to your app using their Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts.

21 – Food Guru
Build a web app that takes data from Yelp and TripAdvisor to suggest restaurants that you might not know about

22 – TweetDeck Clone (Bonus)
Use Twitter’s API to build your own interface for posting tweets.

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  • Thanks for these awesome ideas! I have lots of students at Clever Programmer who are always looking for simple ideas to start off with and now I have a great resource to point them to!