Google Moves SSL Certificate Information in Chrome

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SSL Certificates, the domain of developers, network administrators and anyone who doesn’t want to be on the receiving end of a phishing expedition.

But now Google has hidden away the option to view SSL Certificates as they might confuse regular users.

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If you’ve tried to take a closer look at an SSL certificate recently, then you will have found it’s gone missing:

chrome ssl moved

The More Information link has now been replaced with a Learn More link, which helps you check if a site is secure or not.

Which isn’t very helpful if you’re checking if a SSL Certificate is valid or not.


Of course, people quickly started noticing the change and took to Twitter:

After more and more people started posting about the change, it became pretty apparent Google had changed something.

And they weren’t happy about it:

It wasn’t long until a way to view certificates was found again, but it’s a long winded and tedious process.

“Moved the Cheese”

Google Engineer Chris Palmer’s response to the uproar did give us a good chuckle, comparing the change to “moving people’s Cheese”.

Some people really like using the Certificate Viewer (CV), and have been unpleasantly surprised that we moved it. Eric Lawrence says that we “moved people’s cheese”, and I really feel that because if someone moved my cheese I’d be unpleasantly surprised, too.

I feel very strongly about cheese.

Luckily for Chris they didn’t move our Cheese, because I LOVE my Cheese.

But for us Developers it’s an unnecessary change that adds even more time onto what should really be a simple task.


You can still view SSL Certificates in Chrome, but it’s a lot more difficult and time consuming than it used to be.

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