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What’s The Difference Between The Deep Web, Darknet, And Dark Web?

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There’s a lot of pages on the internet, and we only see a only see a tiny percentage of those pages in our day to day browsing.

But the World Wide Web that we click through on a daily basis is just the tip of the iceberg, there a billions of pages out there hidden from view.

Unknown to most, there is a whole other side to the internet and what’s more, it’s completely hidden.

Buckle up, because we’re about to explore the hidden depths of the internet.

The Deep Web

The Deep Web or Invisible Web might sound sinister, but it’s nowhere near as bad as it might sound.

That’s because the Deep Web is just the parts of the internet that aren’t indexed by regular search engines.

The billions of websites and web pages in Google are just a tiny fraction of the web pages that are actually out there.

And together we call all those mysterious, invisible pages the Deep Web.

So why are those pages hidden?

Well it might be for security reasons, privacy or maybe they just don’t want their pages being indexed in search engines.

Many normal services like online banking, web mail and pay-walled content are all part of what we call the Deep Web.

The Dark Net

The Dark Net is a separate encrypted network built on top of the regular internet.

You can only access it with Tor, a Dark Net web browser.

Tor encrypts your web traffic and bounces it through a series of nodes, ensuring that neither you nor the server you’re connecting to knows the others true IP address.

Tor is a lifeline for political dissidents and whistle blowers who may be hunted down and persecuted without the anonymity it provides. But many people use Tor for the increased privacy it offers.

You can use Tor to anonymously and securely visit everyday websites, but you can also use it to visit hidden .onion websites.

Websites with a .onion address can only be accessed through Tor and are completely separated from the normal internet.

The Dark Web

In order to understand what the Dark Web is, you need to understand that the World Wide Web (WWW) and the Internet are not the same thing.

The Deep Web is the network of .onion websites that runs solely on the Dark Net.

These websites are beyond the reach of regular search engines and can only be reached through Tor.

While the Dark Web is infamous for it’s illicit activity, there are many legal uses for the Deep Web.

Tor can be used to anonymously report domestic abuse, or to protect political dissidents and whistle blowers from government oppression.

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